Becoming a Mentor

As a Member of the College, you have the privilege and opportunity to be a mentor to a Membership candidate. As a mentor you will have the important role of providing support and guidance as a candidate prepares for examinations and develops their independent learning activities.  

Benefits of becoming a mentor include:

  • The opportunity to play an important role in a colleague’s professional life
  • Supporting your College Chapter
  • Enhancing and refreshing your own knowledge and skills

As a general guide, a mentor is required to:

  • Possess general depth and breadth of knowledge required to pass the examination
  • Discuss the style of examination
  • Provide guidance on timeline for the candidate’s preparation for the examination
  • Provide guidance on a study strategy or an approach to learning in the key areas identified in the Subject Guidelines’ Learning Outcomes
  • Allocate time for library and other reference reading and making of synopses for revision
  • Discuss the need to do practice examinations
  • Provide feedback on the candidate’s progress in preparation for the examination
  • Provide feedback on the level of knowledge a candidate demonstrates in written and/or oral practice examinations.

The College is eagerly looking for Members to become mentors for 2020, so please express your interest by contacting the College office on +61 7 3423 2016 or email

For more information about what becoming a mentor involves, please read this guide.