Renew your subscription

Subscription Renewals 2021/2022

Members can now pay for their 2021/2022 College subscription in the Member portal.


Renewal Methods

1. Credit card or Bank Transfer

  1. Log in to the College website
  2. Select 'Pay Fee's'
  3. Select your payment method (credit card or direct transfer)
  4. Pay your subscription

Your existing Chapter subscriptions will automatically be included, and you can make any changes online. 

2. Recurring payment system  (NOW CLOSED - Recurring payment system will reopen early in 2022 for the 2022/2023 subscriptions)

Members can now sign up to our recurring payment system, which will automatically deduct their College and Chapter subscription fees on an annual basis. 

How to sign up for recurring payments:

  1. Log in to the College website
  2. Select 'Sign up to recurring payments' 
  3. Complete the form
  4. Your subscription will be deducted on 23 March 2021. A receipt will automatically be emailed to you, once the payment has been made.

 To read the direct debit terms and conditions, please click here.