The award of Membership of the College is conferred upon a veterinarian who is eligible to sit and successfully passes an examination in a given Membership subject.

Membership of the College is an official recognition of a veterinarian's knowledge and experience in a designated field of veterinary science. Membership is an indication to the profession and the general public of an advanced practitioner, representing a middle-tier of knowledge, competence and experience in a specific area of veterinary practice. Membership is not a specialist qualification. Membership requires examination with members signified by post-nominals MANZCVS. 

Membership Examination Resources: 


 Membership Candidate Handbook      

All intending Candidates should thoroughly read the Membership Candidate Handbook and their Subject Guideline.

Subject Definition

The content of the examination is defined by both the subject title and the subject guidelines.


  • Candidates for Membership of the College should be eligible for registration as a veterinarian in an Australian State or in New Zealand. Council may at its discretion approve a candidate who has veterinary qualifications recognised as being equivalent to Australasian qualifications.
  • At least three and a half years must have elapsed since the Candidate’s original registrable veterinary degree was conferred before taking the examination, preferably in full-time employment.
  • Candidates who have not had the opportunity of working intensively in a limited field of activity and in a situation where an opportunity for learning from other veterinarians is available would be advised to prolong their preparation period to six or even eight years.


Applicants will be assessed on their knowledge and skills at the Membership examination. Performance in the Membership examination is assessed on the basis that the candidate shall achieve a pass mark of 70% or above as detailed in section 12.9 of the Membership Candidate Handbook.

Although Membership of the College indicates that the member has some expertise and competence in the nominated area, it is important to note that Fellowship is the College qualification that signifies the standard required by those seeking veterinary specialist registration.

Further information on Membership examinations can be found in the Membership Candidate Handbook.

Membership examinations for 2020 are deferred:

Due to the increased travel restrictions and other social policies enforced by Federal and State governments, Council and Board of Examiners made the difficult decision to defer all Membership examinations to 2021 and defer Fellowship examinations to a date to be determined later this year. This decision was not made lightly, but with the health and safety of candidates and examiners as first priority.

No enrolments will be accepted for 2020 biennial subjects deferred to 2021.  The next enrolments for 2020 biennial subjects is 2022. Please refer to 2021/22 subject offerings.

Please contact the Examinations Officer regarding any queries on deferred examinations:

Cost and closing date 2021:

Due to the uncertainty of what COVID-19 restrictions the College may be facing next year, we suggest if you are wanting to sit a 2021 examinations to submit an intention to sit application.  This will ensure you are on the College database for direct communication as any decision regarding the 2021 delivery of examinations unfolds. Please note: intention to sit is not an acceptance by the College that candidates will be accepted for examination in 2021.

  • Applications currently closed - Intention to sit applications will only be processed
  • Membership Examination fee 2021 - To be confirmed
  • The administration component of the fee is 25% and is non-refundable. Candidates withdrawing from the examination less than 100 days prior to the written examination will forfeit the entire fee.
  • Please refer to Medicine of Cats UK page for dates and fee for this examination

Further information

Sharon Tinsley - Assistant College Manager
Telephone: +61 (7) 3423 2016


Examination feedback

The Board of Examiners has released the following candidate feedback from the College membership examinations: