Subject Standards and Subject Examination Committees

Each subject administered by a Chapter will have a Subject Standards Committee (SSC) and a Subject Examination Committee (SEC). These committees replace the previous Chapter Examination Committee (CEC) and integrate responsibilities previously upheld by the examiners and CEC. The rationale is to have a structure which is more robust and flexible, allowing the distribution of work amongst a bigger group and including a system of succession planning for mentoring and rotation of members.

Standards Committee Role

  • Review and update Subject Guidelines for Membership and Fellowship, ideally on a three yearly basis but not longer than every five years, using the templates  provided by the College office
  • Promote mentoring and candidate preparation within the Chapter
  • Provide clarifications and advice to the Board of Examiners Training and Credentials Committee (TCC) regarding the content of proposed training programs
  • Review the Activity Log Submission, publications for pre-approval and Credentials Document of Fellowship candidates and advise the Assistant Chief Examiner  (Training and Credentials) on the acceptability of these documents
  • Assess any Activity Log Summary (ALS) that accompanies an Annual Supervisor’s Report (ASR) in subjects that do not have defined case minima.

Examinations Committee Role

  • Design, construct, review and deliver the written, practical and oral examinations and marking schemes for both the Membership and/or Fellowship examination
  • Promote engagement of members with available opportunities for training in examination development and delivery
  • Consider and apply Examiner and candidate feedback collated by the College office after annual examinations in the development of future examinations
  • Develop question banks for each section of the examination for the use of examination teams.


To express interest in volunteering in the SSC or SEC, please contact your Chapter President.