Animal Reproduction Chapter

President - Prof. Michael McGowan
Secretary - Dr. Jasmin Hyatt
Treasurer - Dr. Natali Krekeler

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Dr. J. Hill, Dr. A. Barnes, Dr. A. Gunn

Animal Welfare Chapter

President - Dr. Di Evans
Secretary - Dr. Kat Littlewood
Treasurer - Dr. Anne Fawcett

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Dr. T. Collins, Dr. D. Evans, Dr. S. Hazel

Aquatic Animal Health Chapter

President - Dr. Paul Hardy Smith
Secretary - Dr. Alistair Brown
Treasurer - Dr. Robert Jones

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Dr. P. Hardy Smith and R. Chong

Avian Health Chapter

President - Dr. Hamish Baron
Secretary - Dr. Michael Cannon
Treasurer - Dr. Michael Cannon

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Dr. P. Macwirther and Dr. M. Cannon

Cattle Chapter

President - Dr. Johanna Rheinberger
Secretary - Dr. Robert Rheinberger
Treasurer - Dr. Tom Walsh

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Drs Z. Vogels, C. Westwood, J. Mohler and L. Pryor

Dermatology Chapter

President - Dr. Linda Vogelnest
Secretary - Dr. Karen Wesselingh
Treasurer - Dr. Amanda Craig

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Drs M. Shipstone, G. Burton, B. McDonald and P. Ravens and D. Simpson


Emergency & Critical Care Chapter

President - Dr. Courtney Reddrop
Secretary - Dr. Vibeke Russell
Treasurer - Dr. Mark Davis

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Drs R. Peacock (Chair), K. Swindells, P. Seet and G. Poli

Subject Examinations Committee (SEC) - Dr Y. Indrawirawan (Chair)

Epidemiology Chapter

President - Dr. Corissa Miller
Secretary - Dr. Emilie Vallee
Treasurer - Dr. Francette Geraghty-Dusan

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Drs D. Jordan, S. Firestone and J. Heller

Equine Chapter

President - Dr. Ben Ahern
Secretary - Dr. Carlos Medina-Torres
Treasurer - Dr. Elizabeth Tee

Surgery Subject Standards Committee - Drs C. Steel (Chair), C. Riley and R. Charman

Medicine Subject Standards Committee - Drs S. Raidal (Chair), L. Begg, and C. Secombe

Feline Chapter

President - Dr. Katherine Briscoe
Secretary - Dr. Keshuan Chow
Treasurer - Dr. Rachel Korman

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Drs K. Briscoe, P. Galloway, R. Sutcliffe and M. Thompson

Medicine and Management of Laboratory Animals Chapter

President - Dr. Julie Ferguson
Secretary - Dr. Malcolm France
Treasurer - Dr. Lewis Vaughan 

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Drs Gabrielle Musk, Elizabeth Dodemaide and Amanda Errington

Ophthalmology Chapter

President - Dr. Jeff Smith
Secretary - Dr. Kate Hindley and Dr. Jessica Nevile
Treasurer - Dr. Martyn King

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Drs S. Hurn, V. Liddle and K. Caruso

Pathobiology Chapter

President - Dr. Mark Krockenberger
Secretary - Dr. Rachael Allavena
Treasurer - Dr. Lucy Woolford

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Dr. L. Woolford, Dr. N. Courtman, Dr. C. McCowan

Radiology Chapter

President - Dr. Belinda Hopper
Secretary - Dr. Alana Rosenblatt
Treasurer Dr. Annie Rose

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Dr. C. Beck, Dr. M. Frances, Dr. J. Podadera, Dr. A. Rosenblatt

Small Animal Medicine Chapter

President - Dr. Fleur James
Secretary - Dr. Guy Wolfenden
Treasurer - Dr. Amanda Taylor

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Drs Sophia Haynes (Chair), Nathalee Prakash and Louisa Johnson

Small Ruminant Chapter

President - Dr. Sandra Baxendell
Secretary - Dr. Kylie Greentree
Treasurer - Dr. Robert Suter

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Dr. S. Baxendall, Dr. K. Abbott

Surgery Chapter

President - Dr. Maurine Thomson
Secretary - Dr. Alastair Franklin
Treasurer - Dr. David Cook

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Drs G. Corfield, P. Tisdall and R. Sivacolundhu

Unusual Pets Chapter

President - Dr. James Haberfield
Secretary - Dr. Tegan Stephens
Treasurer - Dr. Lizzie Selby

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Drs A. Fowler, B. Talbot and R. MacFarlane

Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia Chapter

President - Dr. Gabrielle Musk
Secretary - Dr. Jennifer Davis
Treasurer - Dr. Eleanor Holden

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Drs H. Keates, J. Rainger and S. Bauquier

Veterinary Behaviour Chapter

President - Dr. Jess Beer
Secretary - Dr. Richard Seymour
Treasurer - Dr. Richard Seymouor

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Drs K. Seksel and K. Kendall

Veterinary Dentistry Chapter

President - Dr. Olivia James
Secretary - Dr. Wayne Fitzgerald
Treasurer - Dr. Aaron Forsayeth

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Dr. W. Fitzgerald

Veterinary Oncology

President - Dr. Amy Lane
Secretary - Dr. Laura Brockley
Treasurer - Dr. Sandra Nguyen

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Drs K. O'Connell, S. Nguyen and J. Finlay


Veterinary Pharmacology Chapter

President - Dr. Megan Lui
Secretary - Dr. Gail Versluis
Treasurer - Dr. Richard L'Estrange

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Drs D. Scott, P. Mills and T. Hyndman

Veterinary Public Health Chapter

President - Dr  Bob Biddle
Secretary - Dr. Allen Petrey
Treasurer - Dr. John Tulloch 

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Drs Mary Barton (Chair), M. Reichel, and M. Nunn


Zoo and Wildlife Medicine Chapter

President - Dr. David Blyde
Secretary - Dr. Michelle Campbell-Ward
Treasurer - Dr. Michelle Campbell-Ward

Subject Standards Committee (SSC) - Drs. D. McLelland (Chair), A. Reiss, S. Shaw, R. Jakob-Hoff, M. Campbell, and S. Vitali