Open Access Journal List


Open access journal list

Acta Veterinaria Scandinavia (2001-current)

Anaesthesia (1997-current minus 1 year)

Banfield journal (2005-current)

BMC Veterinary Research (2005-current)

Canadian Journal of Animal Science (1957-2011) (2012-current, partial access)

Canadian journal of animal science (1957-current minus 2 years)

Canadian journal of veterinary research (1986-current minus 6 months)

Canadian veterinary journal (1960-current 6 months)

Case Reports in Veterinary Medicine (2011-current) 

Emerging infectious diseases (1995-current)

Equine disease quarterly (1992-current)

European Journal of Companion Animal Practice (2005- current)

Fishery bulletin (1999-current)

Frontiers in Zoology (2004-current)

Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin (2013-current, access require registration)

International Archives of Medicine (2008-current)

International journal of applied research in veterinary medicine (2001-current)

International zoo news (1998-current)

Irish Veterinary Journal (2004-current) 

Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine (2008-current) 

Journal of animal science (1910-current minus 1 year)

Journal of animal welfare law (2005-current minus 1 year)

Journal of applied poultry research (1996-current minus 1 year)

Journal of dairy science (1918 - current minus 1 year)

Journal of equine science (1994-current)

Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Open Reports (2015-current)

Journal of veterinary diagnostic investigation (1989-current minus 1 year)

Journal of veterinary internal medicine (1997-current)

Journal of veterinary medical science (1991-current)

Journal of veterinary medicine (2013-current)

Journal of veterinary science (2000 - current)

Journal of wildlife diseases (1965-current minus 1 year)

Onderstepoort journal of veterinary science (2003-current)

Pakistan veterinary journal (1999-current)

Science in Parliament (2004-current minus 1 year)

Today's veterinary practice (2011-current)

Veterinary Evidence (2016-current)

Veterinary focus (2006-current)

Veterinary medicine and science (2015-current)

Veterinary medicine international (2010-current) 

Veterinary medicine: research and reports (2010-current)

Veterinary pathology (1964-current minus 1 year)

Veterinary record open (2013 - current) 

Veterinary research (2000-2010)

Veterinary research (2011-current) 

Veterinary world (2008-current) 

World animal health scientific & technical review (2001-current)

World journal of veterinary science (2013-current)