Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (VSMR) Chapter Proposal


26 June 2020


In response to feedback from veterinarians, the College is seeking to establish a new Chapter of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (VSMR). The field of VSMR has been developed to address the requirements of athletic and working animals as well as those that need rehabilitation. Rehabilitation not only addresses return to function post-surgery but also includes therapy to improve patient health when limitations exist due to age, chronic disease or other injuries.

VSMR is a rapidly growing field with European and American Colleges already in existence. The ANZCVS is seeking expressions of interest from veterinarians (Members and non-Members) into their interest in participating in a new VSMR Chapter and/or undertaking Membership examinations in this field. If you could please complete the survey via the link below, it would be greatly appreciated. The estimated time to complete the survey is 4 minutes.

Complete the survey online here.

For more information, please contact Project Officer, Dr Rachel Tan at