Surgery Chapter Members' Day

Members’ Day is a new initiative by the Surgery Chapter and aims to combine a broad range of advanced continuing education lecture topics with a practical dry lab so that you can take home some new skills to your practice. This day is for members of the chapter. If you are planning on sitting your membership examination in Small Animal Surgery in the future, this is a good day to attend to make some contacts with ANZCVS members and past examiners.

The day will be filled with an exciting programme that will cover:

  • The neurological examination – localising the lesion finally made easy
  • Sacroiliac Luxations (SI) – diagnosis, anatomy, fixation and considerations
  • A practical dry lab: master the art and science of two different fixation options for SI luxation on bone models (a lag screw and a minimally invasive lag screw technique)
  • Miscellaneous orthopaedic diseases – is it neurological?
  • Physiotherapy for the neurological patient, including conservative management options for IVDD where surgery is not an option.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Dr Ricky Cashmore
  • Dr Dan Lewis
  • Elena Saltis

You can find more information here!