Introducing the New Zealand Network

18 February 2020



The New Zealand Network of the College is now up and running. The purpose of the Network is to enhance engagement of New Zealand members with the College and with each other.

Initially, all College members, and candidates enrolled for membership examinations, who reside in New Zealand are members of the Network. As the Network gets on its feet, it is expected to be self-managing, and self-sustaining financially, so a (small) annual membership fee will be charged, similar to Chapter membership.

An interim committee has been formed to get the Network running, comprised of Wayne Ricketts, Allen Bryce, Charlotte Cantley, Janine van Dam and Michelle Dicken. The interim committee will be replaced by an elected committee in 2020.

The committee will consult further with New Zealand members on how the network should run and what activities it should organise.

The first meeting of the Network will be at the World Veterinary Association Congress, which is held in conjunction with this year’s NZVA annual conference, in Auckland on 6-8 April 2020. The first meeting will be over a casual (provided) breakfast on the morning of Tuesday 7th April.

The interim committee plans a second meeting in the North Island, and two in the South Island, later in the year or early next year, and will start organising these soon.

A Facebook page has been set up to facilitate communication. Network members can use the page to communicate with the committee, or to seek advice or raise points for discussion among members. Search in Facebook for the ANZCVS New Zealand network group. Within 24 hours of the group being established, it had over 40 members and the committee had received positive feedback. The more New Zealand members join and use the group, the more valuable it will become.

Members who don’t use Facebook will be kept informed by email, and are encouraged to get involved in the Network by attending meetings or liaising with the committee members by email or phone.


- Dr Allen Bryce, ANZCVS NZ Council Representative