Formation of Governance Working Group

The College has a proud history to celebrate in this our fiftieth year. We celebrate the enduring commitment of members and in particular our volunteers, in leadership and governance roles, who work with College staff, to deliver on our Purpose and Vision, to Certify, to Educate, and to Share. 

These traditions are built upon an evolving maturity of our organisation and the governance structures that underpin our roles, our processes, and the culture of our organisation. 

To respect these traditions, and to build an enduring organisation, College Council has created a Working Group on Governance, to review the rules and processes that guide our College. 

The Working Group on Governance consists of Council members, DrAmy Lane, Charlotte Cantley and David Tabrett. The Group is assisted by College CEO, Stephen Alderman, and College Manager, Mary Anne Hiscutt. 

The Working Group is set to work for the next 6 months on the review, and to make improvements to align College governance with AICD Good Governance Principles for Not For Profit entities. 

So far, early reports from the Working Group show the College has robust policies and procedures. This reflects the commitment from previous volunteers in leadership roles, and continuity of skilled management teams.