Formal response to a job advertisement that appeared recently in the NZVJ

Dr. Mark Robson from North Shore Veterinary Specialists, Auckland placed an advertisement seeking a veterinarian for a specialised role demanding “a high level of commitment, research and study”, unlikely to be suitable for an individual “likely to take long periods of time off for parenting”. He also speculated that this would not be permissible under the “Australian governing body's rules.”


The ANZCVS oversees the training programs for veterinarians undertaking a path to specialist qualifications. The ANZCVS indicated that they regarded the advertisement as discriminatory and factually incorrect. Dr Amanda Burrows, President, ANZCVS said “we do not share or condone the views expressed in the job advertisement suggesting that veterinary specialist training is not compatible with a period of parental leave. Candidates in training may take voluntary periods of leave of absence for twelve months or longer for a variety of circumstances.The ANZCVS supports equal opportunity employment and does not condone discrimination in any form.”