Constitution amended

At the general meeting on 29 October 2017 the Constitution was successfully changed as follows:

  • clause 1.1: the definition of "Associate Member" was amended to remove the residency requirement,
  • clause 5.10: references to MANZCVS and FANZCVS were formally included,
  • clause 7.3: references to MANZCVS and FANZCVS were included in the post-nominals that can no longer be used if no longer a member, and
  • clause 40.1: Directors may now pass out-of-session matters by a vote of 5 votes provided no director elects to have the matter raised at the next directors' meeting. 

This marked the first time electronic voting was used, which was an outstanding success with over 700 members voting.

An updated copy of the Constitution is available on the 'Publications' site in the 'Membership Info' tab and can be read here.