Risk communication in animal disease outbreaks and emergencies (FAO 2020)

Veterinarians for climate action

Australian equivalent to Vet Sustain:

A Good Life and Humane Death for Kept Animals

"Our mandate as veterinary surgeons is to promote the welfare of animals entrusted to our care. There are numerous systems and methods of animal production and husbandry affecting all species, with some that may impact the health and welfare of our patients in pursuit of other outcomes. In this focus area, we will explore the impacts of animal husbandry methods, production practices and slaughter practices on animal welfare. "

Future Food: Sustainable Food Systems for the 21st Century

Find out what sustainability means for food and explore the challenges of our journey towards a more sustainable food future.

Science Week Proceedings 2019

The VPH Science Week Proceedings are now available in the Chapter Repository along with some of the talks given during the sessions. The talks are in the 2019 folder.

The Chapter would like to thank all who took part in the sessions, and those who were able to provide their talks for our Members. Hopefully, we will see more talks uploaded in the future.

ADDITIONAL READING MATERIAL: VPH Membership Subject Guide 2018

ADDITIONAL READING MATERIAL for the VPH Membership Subject Guide 2018 has been loaded into the Chapter Repository as an OPEN document

Science Week 2018 - Proceedings for the VPH Chapter and joint proceedings on AMR

The VPH Chapter proceedings including the joint session on antimicrobial resistance to be held by the Epidemiology, Veterinary Pharmacology and Veterinary Public Health Chapters are available here