The AGM of the Avian Health Chapter was held in November in 2019 at the AAVAC Conference in Melbourne, Victoria.


Office bearers for 2019-2020 are:


President: Hamish Baron:


Secretary/Treasurer: Mike Cannon


Science Week Coordinator: Alex Mastakov 


Website administrator: Michelle Sutherland


Committee members are as follows:

Members of the Subject Standards Committee

- Chair (Avian Medicine): Deborah Monks

Members of the Subjects Examinations Committee: Avian Medicine


- Chair: Patricia Macwhirter

- Head Subject Examiner: Deborah Monks

- Exam Committee: Melinda Cowan, Shane Raidal


- Chair: Annabelle Olsson

- Head Subject Examiner: Rena Macfarlane

- Examiners: Daniella Wardle, Adrian Gallagher, Liam Flanagan, Hamish Baron

Please see the News and Events pages for futher information on the activities of the Avian Health Chapter over the coming year


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