Celebrate 50 Years - Awards Ceremony and 50 Year Celebration Dinner (July 10)

Established in May 1971, the College was born from a strong need within the Australian veterinary community for post-graduate qualifications undertaken outside the University setting. The College was established with 503 veterinarians, judged to have a high level of proficiency and skill and having at least eight years’ experience post-graduation, being invited to become foundation members. It was agreed that subsequent membership of the College would be by examination. Initial examination subjects suggested included Pathology, Preventative Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Surgery and Animal Reproduction and Obstetrics. The first examinations were held in 1973, with 14 candidates (including 3 in New Zealand) sitting subjects such as Diseases of Dairy Cattle, Diseases of Cattle and Sheep, Preventative Medicine Beef Cattle, Diseases of Sheep, Parasitology, Radiology, Pathology, Veterinary Anaesthesiology and Diseases of Cats and Dogs.

Over our 50-year history, we have grown from just over 1000 members in the early 90s, to over 2800 members today. The College’s fortieth anniversary in 2011 marked a significant change when we officially acknowledged New Zealand in the College’s name. Formerly known as The Australian College of Veterinary Scientists (ACVSc), the College is now known as The Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.

Science Week will finish with the annual awards ceremony on Saturday July 10 at The Star. In addition to congratulating our newest Members and Fellows, it will be an opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the College. Please join us for a fantastic evening.

Tickets can be purchased via the Science Week Website.