Board of Examiners (BoE) - Call for Nominations

20 February 2019

The Board of Examiners is seeking two new Members or Fellows of the College to join the Board of Examiners. In order to join the Board, you must have previously served as an examiner for the College, and have an interest in examinations, assessment, education and the College generally. Expertise in assessment practice and/or managing training programs is highly desirable.

Interested persons must be available for Board of Examiners meetings, the examiners workshop and examination duties during the examination period between 29 June and 1 July in 2019, and must be enthusiastic and willing to contribute to Board activities. Successful applicants will be selected by Council following recommendation made by the BoE. It is desirable that within the Board there be representation from a wide breadth of subject backgrounds and working experiences, a mixture of Members and Fellows, a gender balance, and some representation from New Zealand.

Board of Examiners members join either the Training and Credentials Committee or the Examinations Committee. They are expected to attend College examinations to act as observers during the examinations, and to attend the Board meetings.  There are at least two - three face to face meetings, one held in conjunction with the examiners workshop (usually within the first two weeks of February) and one on conclusion of the examinations, another if required, plus a number of conferencing meetings held during the year.  BoE members should be able to devote at least five-seven hours per week to duties associated with the Board of Examiners, additional time maybe required during peak examination reviewing time. Board members are valuable members of a progressive and dynamic team, ably supported by College staff.

For further information please contact the College Office.

Completed application forms should be forwarded to the College office either by fax, email or post by Friday 29 March 2019.