World Veterinary Dermatology Day

Virtual Presentation
03 Feb 2023,09:00 am - 12:00 pm

World Veterinary Dermatology Day celebrates the global art and science of veterinary dermatology.
Professor Hugo Schindelka is considered the founder of veterinary dermatology. He was born on
February 3, 1853 in the Czech Republic and died in April 10, 1913. He studied medicine (Dr. med.
1871) and veterinary medicine (graduate veterinarian 1881) at the University of Vienna, became
an assistant at the chair for special pathology and therapy at the Military Thieric Medicine
Institute. After his elevation to the University of Veterinary Medicine (1887), he became an
associate professor in 1890 and a full professor in 1892. He was also a consultant for veterinary
affairs in the Ministry of Agriculture from 1899 to 1907 and a member of the Supreme Health
Council from 1903 to 1906. World Veterinary Dermatology Day is planned to coincide with
Professor Schindelka’s birthday.

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