HISTORY of the Dermatology Chapter

The Chapter in Veterinary Dermatology was formed in October 2002, following approval by the Council of the ACVSc (now ANZCVS). The initial executive team of president Dr Mike Shipstone, secretary Dr Mandy Burrows, and treasurer Dr Greg Burton worked tirelessly through until 2015 to build the chapter into an active and well-respected component of the College. The Chapter has held their annual meeting as part of Science Week since its formation, and has been proud to host a number of international speakers and provide a scientific program appealing to general practitioners with an interest in veterinary dermatology, as well as to specialists.

In 2012 the Chapter was officially affiliated with the World Association for Veterinary Dermatology, and attend the World Congress in Veterinary Dermatology held at various global destinations each 4th year. As part of this affiliation, the Dermatology Chapter do not hold an annual meeting in Australia the year of each World Congress Meeting.

During 2014/2015, Dr Mandy Burrows supported by Dr Beth McDonald led a successful campaign to have the 9th World Congress in Veterinary Dermatology held in Sydney, Australia in October 2020.

This is an exciting time for veterinary dermatology in Australia!

The current Chapter Executive are:

President: Dr Jeylan Aslan - presidentdermatology@anzcvs.org.au
Secretary: Dr Christina Baxter - secretarydermatology@anzcvs.org.au                                                    Treasurer: ANZCVS College Administration Office - treasurerdermatology@anzcvs.org.au      

The Chapter is grateful for, and would like to acknowledge, the support of its sponsors. Due to sponsorship funding we have been able to invite international speakers to our Science Week meetings, publish the Chapter Science Week Meeting Proceedings, and offer a number of grants to foster greater awareness, education and knowledge in Veterinary Dermatology. 

Expressions of interest for sponsorship of the Dermatology Chapter for 2023 are welcomed. 


  • Advance the science and art of veterinary science as it relates specifically to Veterinary Dermatology and in particular to encourage and aid recruitment to the College and the Chapter.
  • Provide continual improvement in practice standards and knowledge of Veterinary Dermatology and to further the professional education and training of veterinarians with a special interest in dermatology.
  • Encourage scientific investigation and research in the field of Veterinary Dermatology, and a contribution to published professional literature.
  • Encourage individuals to undertake examination at the Fellowship levels in Veterinary Dermatology Facilitate the exchange of knowledge between veterinarians with a special interest in dermatology.
  • Encourage the veterinary teaching institutions to develop appropriate, professional teaching programs in order to produce graduates with a higher standard of competency and training in this field.
  • Encourage exchange of knowledge with and collaborative work with other scientists working in the field of dermatology.
  • Endow its members with a sense of camaraderie and purpose.

For further information on joining the Dermatology Chapter, please contact secretarydermatology@anzcvs.org.au

For any enquiries about the Dermatology Chapter in general, please contact secretarydermatology@anzcvs.org.au


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