Welcome to the Veterinary Practice Small Animal Chapter Home Page.

The  Chapter allows Veterinarians a pathway to attain Membership of the College in the extensive and challenging field of Small Animal Practice. The Chapter encourages Veterinarians with a broad interest in the profession to consolidate their knowledge and improve the science and art of veterinary science as it specifically relates to Veterinary Practice for canine and feline patients.

The newly established Chapter:

  • Actively promotes and supports Mentorship for Membership candidates.
  • Provides a forum for the presentation of case material, current research and topical issues with a Science Week programme drawing from a wide range of different veterinary subjects.
  • Allows for exchange of ideas and knowledge between Members and the wider veterinary community.
  • Provides camaraderie and a support network for Veterinarians in General Practice.
  • Promotes pride and excellence in our Profession in general and specifically for Veterinarians in General Practice.
  • Promotes and supports General Practice based research, publications and dissemination of this knowledge.

At this time the Chapter only conducts Membership examinations. 

All College Members and Fellows are welcome to join the Chapter.