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The objectives of the Chapter are:

  • The advancement of the study and understanding of veterinary pharmacology so that the discipline can be applied more effectively for the welfare of animals and man. "Veterinary Pharmacology" embraces chemotherapy, product research and development, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, drug legislation, clinical pharmacology, toxicology and applied immunology.
  • The provision of advice on veterinary pharmacology to the College, other organisations and individual veterinarians and to act as a conduit for the exchange of knowledge between works in the field.
  • The support of continuing education and post-graduate training in veterinary pharmacology.
  • The encouragement and assistance of prospective members in their preparation for examination by the College.

The Chapter's activities include organising Scientific Meetings, encouraging publication of veterinary pharmacology articles, and conducting the Veterinary Pharmacology Study course for examination preparation by membership candidates.

Key Benefits of study course include:
· practical skills to make informed decisions about a key tool of a practising veterinarian – the drugs that are used in daily practice
· review and update of veterinary pharmacology
· an understanding of the regulatory framework
· the opportunity to make professional contacts with clinical, government and industry veterinarians and
· up-to-date study modules for busy people. Seven study modules provide background material and study guides to help candidates, be they veterinarians in clinical practice, government or industry.
Titles include:
1. Principles of drug disposition and action.
2. Systems pharmacology.
3. Chemotherapy.
4. Principles of toxicology.
5. Immunology and vaccines.
6. The pharmaceutical Industry and drug development.
7. Drug legislation in Australia or New Zealand.
Each candidate can request a mentor to assist with questions about the study program. Past examination papers are provided to help candidates. The program of study can be completed in about 18 months and concludes with College written and oral examinations. Examinations are held every two years with the next exams held in June/July 2024.
For Australian candidates, the Veterinary Pharmacology Study Course costs A$900, which includes access to study modules, workshop,mentoring and copyright fees etc.
For New Zealand candidates, the Veterinary Pharmacology Study Course costs NZ$990, which includes access to study modules, workshop, mentoring and copyright fees etc. New Zealand candidates may pay the Chapter directly in local currency.
The examination fee is set by the college please refer to the college membership information page on current fees and conditions.

The examination consists of two written papers, each of two hours duration and consisting of 4 sections, each of equal marks. The first paper will consist of pharmacological theory, the second applied pharmacology. There is no choice offered.
In addition there will be one oral paper of one hour duration consisting of 8 questions.
For further information on the veterinary pharmacology study course please contact the Course Coordinator Dr. Richard L’Estrange, email richard.l'estrange@zoetis.com  or go to the chapter repository for frequently asked questions

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