The aims of this chapter are to:

  • Encourage scientific investigation and research in the field of Veterinary Dentistry, and a contribution to published professional literature.
  • To encourage individuals to undertake examination at both membership and fellowship levels in Veterinary Dentistry via continuing postgraduate education and self-assessment; and the utilisation of training programs provided by the chapter.
  • To provide continual improvement in practice standards and knowledge of Veterinary Dentistry. These objectives are to be attained in part by offering continuing education, comprising the most recent advances in Veterinary Dentistry, including the aetiology, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases.
  • To work closely with the Australian Veterinary Dental Society, other chapters of the Australian College and the Australian and New Zealand Veterinary Associations so as to further our knowledge in the field of Veterinary Dentistry.
  • To encourage the veterinary teaching institutions to develop appropriate, professional teaching programs in order to produce graduates with a higher standard of competency and training in this field.
  • Lastly, to endow its members with a sense of camaraderie, purpose and pride.