Welcome new members 2017, Kylie & Rich

Rich Sides BA, BPhty, BVSc, MANZCVS

I am a mixed-animal practitioner based in Wanaka, Central Otago, NZ – the Southern Lakes area of New Zealand.  My primary focus is servicing the sheep, beef and deer farmers of this area, catering for their primary production animals and their working dogs.  The sheep side of clinical practice is of particular interest to me, hence my membership of the ANZCVS in Sheep Medicine.  We have a fascinating mix of traditional high-country merino farming, as well as finishing-breeds grazing increasingly-irrigated river and lake flats.  Plenty of scope for variety around here, with a dynamic edge to farming practice!


Kylie Greentree, District Veterinarian, Local Land Services


 I am a District Veterinarian working for the Local Land Services based in Maitland, NSW. I have spent a few years in Bourke, within the Western Division, where I learnt the significance of the goat industry.  Not only the importance to producers in the Western Division, but to Australia as a whole, particularly in the area of exports/trade. The goat industry, within my working area, is diverse and challenging.  My work can range from examining dairy goats, Angora and Boers one day and then dealing with pet varieties the next. Over the last 6 years I have noticed an increase in the number of goats within the Hunter.  I have, and continue to, thoroughly enjoy learning as much as I can and meeting people within the industry.  When I first looked at sitting for my Membership in Medicine of Goats I was surprised there was not more vets with this level of qualification within this interesting field of expertise.  I believed this would be an excellent opportunity, to not only develop my skills and knowledge, but to also learn more about what appears to be a niche market. Over the past 12 months I have been working to build my network with regards to goat producers within the Hunter and I have also initiated a local monthly newsletter affectionately titled the "Browser's Bulletin".  This allows me to address any issues, problems or questions any of our producers may have with regards to goats.  I have also organised, and will continue to do so, workshops and information sessions for producers.  Now that I have passed my Membership Exams I would love to become more involved in the Goat Industry and improve my knowledge in all areas whilst also continuing to build my goat producer network across the country. The study has certainly been a challenge, in many ways, but it was definitely worthwhile!