The Small Ruminant Chapter will promote excellence in the medicine, surgery and production of sheep or goats and has the following objectives:

  • to advance the science and art of veterinary science as it relates specifically to Small Ruminants and in particular to encourage and aid recruitment to the discipline, College and the Chapter.
  • to further the professional education and training of veterinarians with a special interest in Small Ruminants.
  • to encourage research in Small Ruminants.
  • to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between veterinarians with a special interest in Small Ruminants.
  • to encourage exchange of knowledge with and collaborative work with other scientists working in the field of Small Ruminants.
  • to encourage publications in the sphere of Small Ruminants.

Note we cannot offer deer exams at this time as we lack examiners with deer expertese.

Additional Resources for Membership candidates

FAMACHA (c) Courses.

The FAMACHA© system was developed by South African scientists.  The chapter has an agreement with the South African copyright holders and this requires that only veterinarians or other trained parasitologists may directly purchase FAMACHA© cards from the Chapter, the sole distributor of FAMACHA© cards in Australiasia and the Pacific. All others must receive proper instruction before receiving a FAMACHA© card. Chapter members are qualified to provide FAMACHA© training and are required to hold FAMACHA courses under these agreed guidelines. 

Currently FAMACHA (c) courses are being held by Dr Kylie Greentree ( ) in NSW and  Dr Sandra Baxendell ( ) anywhere in the Australasian region via Zoom.

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Chapter Contacts are :

President: Dr Sandra Baxendell
Mobile: 0477 813 278


Dr Robert Suter

Mobile 0447 002 380



Dr Sophie Hemley


Damata ram head


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