Examinations Update


We extend a massive CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to those 10 new members who achieved Membership in Equine Medicine in 2019. We congratulate and welcome Dr Amy Williamson in attaining Fellowship in Equine Surgery in 2019. We wish those candidates who recently sat their Equine Surgery Fellowship examinations over the weekend of Nov 7th-8th 2020 the very best of luck.

Associate members: Associate members are those who have achieved equine specialist qualifications overseas with the American or European Colleges. Our most recent associate member is Dr Darien Feary. There are many overseas trained equine specialist veterinarians practicing in Australia and New Zealand, but we are still a relatively small group and we encourage those people to become members of the ANZCVS so that we may share resources and knowledge, particularly those that are involved in supervising veterinary students, equine interns and residents in Australia and NZ. If you know any specialists that are non ANZCVS members please encourage them to contact us to become members.

THANK YOU to Examiners: We extend a massive thank you to the 2020 examiners for Membership in Equine Surgery and Equine Practice, and Fellowship in Equine Surgery. These examiners have worked tirelessly through the disruption of COVID-19 pandemic to not only create a relevant examination of the highest standard, but to examine via a digital distance platform at Fellowship level. Thank you to examiners and to our candidates for negotiating these challenges, including postponing Membership examination to 2021.

Examinations in 2021: The Equine Chapter is pleased to be offering Membership examination in Equine Surgery, Equine Medicine, and Equine Practice in 2021. Please encourage your associates to consider undertaking these examinations.

- November 2020