Equine Online Scientific Series Review

Although the cancellation of Science Week on the Gold Coast due to COVID-19 restrictions was very disappointing, the Equine Chapter was excited to present an interactive series of four presentations as part of the ANZCVS Online Scientific Series earlier this year. Sessions were presented by experienced veterinarians from Australia, New Zealand and North America, thanks to the generous support from Bova Equine.

Dr. Steve Zedler, a specialist equine surgeon at The University of Queensland presented a series of challenging arthrodesis cases.  He provided some very interesting case material including photos, radiographs and CT images and talked through the important aspects of decision making in each case and when the option for arthrodesis may be warranted.

Dr Michelle Logan, a registered specialist in Equine medicine from New Zealand presented on practical approaches to fluid therapy in the field. The presentation highlighted some specific case examples including foals, colitis and ponies at risk of hyperlipaemia. Key physiology principles were succinctly explained, providing a logical approach to fluid type selection and administration rates and volumes. Practitioners working in field settings may not always consider the various options for providing fluid therapy to their patients, however this presentation will likely encourage them to include it as part of the management of certain cases.

Dr Edwina Wilkes, a registered specialist in Equine Medicine at Charles Sturt University (CSU) presented some of the challenging aspects of the management of horses that were injured during the Australian Bushfire crisis in early 2020 and hospitalised at CSU. Many different aspects of case management were discussed including pain management, nutrition, wound care and the potential complications which can arise. This presentation highlighted the difficulty in the initial assessment of the severity and extent of a thermal injury and provided practical advice for when referral to a hospital facility is warranted.

Dr Rana Bozorgmanesh, an associate and specialist in Equine medicine at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Kentucky, USA presented on colic in post-foaling mares. We were very lucky to have Rana present in the Online Series and her presentation highlighted the extent of her knowledge and experiences in a very busy referral hospital in the horse breeding capital of the world! She presented on a range of differential diagnoses, highlighting the number and diversity of cases that present to Hagyard. The presentation provided a practical approach to the diagnostic workup of these cases with very helpful discussion on how to accurately differentiate between different causes of colic in post-foaling mares. Rana made reference to the importance of regular re-assessment and when surgery may be indicated. The presentation included multiple photos, ultrasound images and videos and clinical pathology results and clearly described her interpretation of these and how it contributed to her assessment and treatment of each case. We hope to see Rana at Science Week in the future!

Registration for the Online Series is still open until 30 November 2020 so make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to view these informative and entertaining presentations! Each presentation included a live Q&A session with each of the speakers and the recordings of these sessions are also available.

- By Edwina Wilkes, November 2020