Equine Medicine and Surgery Webinars 17, 18 and 20 August, 2020

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from 17 Aug 2020, 07:00 am, to 20 Aug 2020, 08:00 pm

The Equine Chapter of ANZCVS is excited to present an informative selection of topics brought to you by experienced equine veterinarians from Australia, New Zealand, and North America.

The Equine Chapter aims to provide an affordable, interactive series of presentations that are applicable to a broad audience of equine practitioners, equine specialists, residents, interns, and new graduate veterinarians (including ANZCVS members and non-members).

This series also provides a stellar example of what the ANZCVS Science Week conference (Equine Chapter) has to offer. We hope you will join us for some, or all of the online sessions on the evenings of 17, 18 and 20 August, 2020.

Registration fee:

Chapter Members $27.50 (inc GST) per day

Non-Members $38.50 (inc GST) per day

Register online here