Ophthalmology Internship Position - Eye Clinic for Animals


Eye Clinic for Animals is looking for a suitable candidate to join our team of 3 American Boarded veterinary ophthalmologists for the period of one year. A minimum of 2 years experience and preferably a rotating small animal medicine/surgical internship will be looked on favourably.  The successful candidate must have a demonstrated interest in veterinary ophthalmology. Further requirements would be registration to practice in New South Wales, or be eligible to be registered, and the individual be prepared and able to travel between the 3 locations in Sydney that we consult from. 

The successful candidate will be expected to work weekends and be on call as needed. These obligations are not onerous but will definitely be expected. During the course of the internship, at least one and preferably 2 papers will be expected to be written and submitted for publication into a suitable peer reviewed journal. Some time off – study time – may be granted to help facilitate this. Presentation of a paper at College Science week will be expected. Attendance at ACVO / ECVO conferences will be encouraged.

The successful candidate must be able to work in a team environment. Enthusiasm, attention to detail, highly developed interpersonal skills with staff and clients, and most importantly a good sense of humour will be essential in a successful candidate. We will place a lot of weight on the perceived ability of the individual to fit into our team environment.

Eye Clinic for Animals is one of the busiest ophthalmology practices in Australia, with the three partners offering a wealth of experience from a variety of sources. This position offers an excellent opportunity to any potential veterinary ophthalmologists.

This position may evolve after one year into a residency training program in veterinary ophthalmology. Due to the specific qualifications of the partners, this could enable the individual to be eligible for both Fellowship examination in Australia, as well as certification via ACVO in the USA. This is not a guaranteed progression, and will depend on but be not limited to some of the factors mentioned above.

Interested individuals should submit a curriculum vitae, letter of intent and the names and contact details of their last 3 employers via email.

Please contact either:

Cameron Whittaker -  0407 531 699

Email: cameron.whittaker.27@gmail.com


Kelly Caruso - 0417 688 383

Email: kellycaruso33@aol.com

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