Oncology Internship

  • Ontario Veterinary College Health Sciences Centre
    Temporary full-time from July 13, 2020 to July 16, 2021

The OVC Health Sciences Centre is offering a one-year internship position in Oncology. Applicants must have completed a small animal rotating internship or the equivalent. The intern will be primarily responsible for management of the radiation service working with the Medical Oncologists and an on-site Radiation Oncologist. Sometime will be spent on the work up and management of medical oncology patients. Duties will include: primary case care for in-hospital oncology cases, client communication, assistance with the diagnostic and therapeutic planning of oncology cases, and performance of minor surgical procedures (biopsies, bone marrow biopsy). The program will help the intern prepare for a residency in medical oncology or radiation oncology. 

The intern will be given an opportunity to participate in a research project. The project will be of an appropriate scope and size to be completed during the year and submitted for publication and for presentation at the Veterinary Cancer Society or ACVIM meeting. 

The successful candidate will be joining the Mona Campbell Centre for Animal Cancer in the OVC HSC. The centre is a 12,000 square foot redevelopment with state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and techniques (including a linear accelerator with on-board imaging). The Oncology service of the OVC HSC includes ACVIM boarded Medical Oncologists (5), ACVR boarded Radiation Oncologist, ACVS boarded Surgical Oncologist, 3 DVSc graduate students, 4 Oncology technicians, 2 Radiation therapists, a Tumour Banker,and a Clinical Trials coordinator. The Oncology service has a large volume of cases and interacts with other services of the Department including internal medicine, surgery, emergency and critical care, neurology, ophthalmology, cardiology, radiology, and pathology. 

Interns are allotted working days for elective time (10) and for vacation (10). Elective time may be used for internal electives, continuing education or job interviews. Scheduling of electives and vacation must be approved by the Clinic Head and the Clinical Advisor. Internal electives may include rotations in internal medicine, neurology, cardiology, intensive care, anesthesia and/or pathology. 

Requirements of the position include:

  • Successful completion of a veterinary degree
  • Minimum of 75% or 3.0/4.0 over the duration of DVM program.
  • Completion of a 1 year rotating internship position
  • Must be:  1) a Canadian Citizen, or 2) a Permanent Resident of Canada, or 3) holder of a valid Canadian work permit that encompasses the duration of the Internship, or 4) allowed entry to Canada under an existing free-trade agreement between Canada & the applicant’s home country (e.g. NAFTA US/Mexican Citizen).
  • Meet all requirements for Licensure by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario. For more information on CVO requirements please see 


  • Protective rabies titre is required.
  • Previous practice experience is advantageous.
  • For applicants who are graduating from Universities where English is not the first language, proof of English proficiency i.e. TOEFL test results are required at the time of the match [Minimum Score-Reading (23), Listening (25), Speaking (22), Writing (22)]. For more information on CVO requirements please see


Annual Salary:  $27,500.00 CAD annum plus remuneration per eligible out-of-hours case.

If you have any questions regarding the position or to apply, please email ovchschr@uoguelph.ca including the following documents;

  • Personal Statement
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letters of reference (3 letters minimum) 

The application deadline is April 19, 2020.


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