Maintenance of Credentials (MOC): Revised Document for Member Evaluation

The College greatly appreciates the many Members who have taken the time to review and constructively comment on the previously released MOC document. In consideration of this feedback, the document has been revised and reformatted to provide better clarity on requirements with some amendments to categories and time allocation.

The introduction of a MOC program is required for the College to align itself with the standards set by international veterinary organisations. In addition, the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC) has strongly suggested that MOC should be a requirement to ensure the ongoing quality of qualifications. This move will protect the ANZCVS qualifications from any allegations (real or perceived) of degeneration or reduction of quality, and is line with New Zealand and other foreign jurisdictions.

The MOC program may also be important for future progression towards recognition of an “Advanced Practitioner” status. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has recently introduced a middle tier of veterinary professional with the ‘Advanced Practitioner’ being an official recognition of a veterinary surgeon’s particular knowledge and skills in a designated field of veterinary practice. Currently, Membership of the ANZCVS is accepted as a pre-requisite for this status, in addition to demonstration of key professional skills.

At this time, no “Advanced Practitioner” status exists in Australia and New Zealand and participation in the ANZCVS MOC program will be applied prospectively to new Members from 2020. However, it is possible that if a middle status of veterinary professional is introduced, that Members may be required to meet MOC requirements if they which to participate.

After careful consideration, MOC program will be applied prospectively to new Fellows from 2020 and retrospectively to all existing Fellows from 2022. The College has no information currently on whether the AVBC will require Fellows wishing to attain or maintain their specialist registration will be required to adhere to MOC requirements, but it is probable that this will be a component.

A number of Members have commented on the inclusion of Criteria 3: Active involvement in College/Chapter. The College is a not-for-profit organisation whose key mandate is for the pursuit of excellence in veterinary science (by members for members). Without the involvement of Members, the College simply would cease to exist. Comparable international veterinary organisations have MOC requirements with strict inclusion criteria mandating frequent attendance at their own conferences or positively slant their MOC requirements towards those events.

Pro rata reductions in requirements have provided a lot of discussion. The College is highly supportive of its Members in both a personal and professional capacity and will consider all applications for consideration of pro rata reduction whether they be due to health, parental or lifestyle factors.

Again, we wish to thank Members for their ongoing support and feedback.


Read the Maintenance of Credentials Guidelines here