Examination Results Recording System now being developed

The Council and Board of Examiners of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS) is excited to announce that Integral Technology Solutions Pty Ltd (Integral) will be developing a secure electronic examination results system for the College. Integral is a leading provider of business and technical solutions and services for organisations with complex Information Technology needs and operates across Australia as well as South East Asia.


ANZCVS currently records examination results using a manually intensive examination and recording process. Integral will develop an electronic examination results system that will provide a secure, centralised and consistent mechanism for storing examination results in a data base that will be made available to relevant stakeholders. This system will provide a better end user experience for examiners, making the results process simpler and more efficient. Examiners from all over the world will be able to enter exam results using a personal computer or tablet. The system will assist College staff and Board of Examiners by improving the examination processing workflow and result calculations as well as real time access to information and analysis of data during the examination processes.


All Council and Board of Examiners members are very enthusiastic about this project. The Chief Examiner Dr Tias Muurlink said” this is a very important development for the College. It will facilitate us delivering the examination results in a more efficient manner and support more effective analysis of examination results and demographics. Integral have a team of specialists that understand our core business and the Board looks forward to working with them and College staff to develop this important initiative.”


This project has been funded by the ANZCVS Examination Development Fund and is one example of the College’s continuing commitment to the quality of Membership and Fellowship examinations. It is expected that the system will be completed and ready to trial at the Examiner Workshop in February and will be fully implemented for examinations in 2017.


President, ANZ College of Veterinary Scientists, Amanda Burrows