Dr Tony Fernando to present Science Week plenary session - video

Council is delighted to announce that Dr Tony Fernando will be presenting at the Saturday plenary session at Science Week 2017.

Dr Fernando is a consultant psychiatrist and sleep & insomnia specialist working in Auckland New Zealand. Dr Fernando researches the science of happiness and runs courses and workshops on mindfulness and compassion for doctors and medical students, which are always oversubscribed. Dr Fernando says that just as you need to understand an illness before you can come up with a treatment, doctors need to understand how their own mind and emotions work before they can manage their stress and happiness.

What he says is also very applicable as veterinarians.

He presented at a plenary session at the  New Zealand Veterinary Association Conference in June 2016 and gave an insightful, amusing and sometimes provocative presentation. Tony was rated 4.97/5 for content and 5/5 for presentation and comments included ‘Tony Fernando was excellent’, ‘Tony Fernando was brilliant’, and ..’a great choice of plenary’. He is enormously delighted to be asked to present at Science Week.  

Council has changed the time of the plenary to 11:30 to 12:30 on Saturday, 8th July so that hopefully more of you will be able attend. This will be an enlightening and enjoyable presentation. Don’t miss it! Take a look at the You tube clip to get a taste of what Tony says. See you at Science Week!