Dr Lauren Trepanier will be presenting at Science Week

Dr Lauren Trepanier will be presenting at this years Science Week. Lauren is double boarded in small animal medicine and veterinary pharmacology. She is a dynamic speaker and we look forward to her presentations on the Thursday and Friday of Science Week. Her topics will be:

1. Top ten potential drug interactions in dogs and cats. This talk will review what is known about common drug interactions in dogs and cats, and make recommendations to avoid potential loss of efficacy or drug toxicity.

2. Drug dose adjustment for disease. When should you reduce the dosage of a given drug in patients with kidney, liver, or cardiac disease? This presentation will provide tips for making these clinical decisions.

3. Empirical antibiotic therapy – making decisions without a culture. This session will provide guidance on avoiding overuse of antibiotics, practical ways to confirm the need for an antibiotic when culture is not affordable, and choosing the best antibiotic based on type and location of infections.

4. Idiosyncratic drug toxicities: How can you monitor for and manage unexpected drug toxicities in your patients? This presentation will focus on commonly used drugs that can cause idiosyncratic liver, skin, or bone marrow toxicity in dogs and cats, and how to monitor, prevent, and manage suspected reactions.

5. Rational use of pre-surgical antibiotics. This talk will review recommendations for the use of perioperative antibiotics in your patients, based on evidence from a large number of studies in humans, dogs, and cats, and will provide advice on antibiotic choice, timing, and duration of treatment.

6. NSAIDs: comparative toxicity and drug interactions NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are one of the most commonly used drug classes in veterinary patients. This presentation will cover which classes of NSAIDs are most likely to cause side effects in patients with gastrointestinal, renal, or clotting disorders, and will review common NSAID drug interactions