Dairy Herd Health Veterinary Consultants

If you've never happier than when you're out on the farm surrounded by dairy cattle, and you're looking for an alternative to after hours and clinical work, this is an opportunity that should have you raring to go.

In this Dairy Cattle Veterinarian role with a difference, you'll spend your days visiting dairy farms around the Central South Island and advising on the health of the animals and the farms. It's much more an advisory role than a clinical one - you'll be thinking about the dairy farm system as a whole, not just the individual animals. And that means you'll get to use your skills to improve farm productivity.

Excited about the possibilities yet? You should be, because you'll be joining one of New Zealand's largest veterinary groups, so you can expect plenty of support to do your best work in the role - both in terms of resources and people - and a range of benefits. You'll step into a highly collaborative work culture that values innovation and future-focused thinking.

You'll find this role a refreshing change of scene - in more ways than one. You'll be working in one of the most stunning areas of New Zealand, the kind of place where you'll arrive at work and not be able to believe your luck. There's a huge range of off-the-clock activities available, from snow sports to hiking to fishing. It's an incredible lifestyle, and it could be yours.

You'll bring sound experience as a Dairy Cattle Veterinarian, preferably with membership of the ANZCVS in dairy cattle medicine and production. With dairy cattle your forte, you'll be quite at home among the large-scale herds you find in this part of the country.

There's never been a better time to take the next step in your career. You'll grow your skills beyond clinical practice, you'll work and live in a location most would envy, and you'll be able to make a professional impact on the dairy industry.

Has your time come? Apply by emailing your CV and covering letter to careers@vetent.co.nz


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