Frequently Asked Questions


Q: If I receive a negative COVID test but have a minor cough or cold can I still attend?

A: Any candidate that is unwell for any reason should not attend in-person examinations


Q: If my circumstances require certainty, what options do I have?

A: During the current health crisis candidates can elect to:

  • Defer their examinations to the next year of subject offering (this may not be 2022)
  • Withdraw from their examination


Q: Can I still sit for my remote oral examination if my written/practicals do not proceed?

A: No, If your written/practicals do not proceed, your oral examination will not be conducted either


Q: I am a Membership Candidate in Victoria under a 7 day lockdown, what happens now?

A: We are working through examination schedules and logistics, we will have a communication to you today (27/05/2021)


Q: I am a Membership Candidate, but I am not in Victoria, Australia are there any changes to the examination schedule for me?

A: No, your examinations will take place at the same time and place as originally scheduled.


Q: How would I know of any changes to my examination schedule?

A: A communication from the College would be sent directly to your nominated email address.