COVID-19 Update

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23 August 2021

2022 Examination delivery

Thank you for your patience, consideration and constructive comments during the changes implemented to navigate examination delivery born of necessity from the COVID-19 pandemic. Encouraged by the success of the 2020 and 2021 examination delivery; the below links to examination memos, outlines the implementation and process for the 2022 College examinations, which have been approved by Council.


27 May 2021

Victorian Membership Examinations - Lockdown Update

As a response to the 7-day lockdown in Victoria, Membership candidate written and practical examinations will be delayed for 7 days.

e.g. If your written exam was scheduled for Tuesday the 1st of June it will now be rescheduled to Tuesday the 8th of June, same time, same location.

The following memo has been sent to your nominated email address.


26 May 2021

2021 Examination Delivery

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria, Australia on 25/06/2021 the College has circulated the following information to examination candidates in that region


11 February 2021

2021 Examination Delivery

Thank you for your patience, consideration and constructive comments during this past year as we navigate change and look to move forward.  The implementation and process for the 2021 College examinations, which have been approved by Council, are available in links to specific Fellowship and Membership memos below.

Fellowship examination delivery will be similar to the successful 2020 model, with a modified delivery plan to accommodate a large number of Membership candidates.

All candidates will be informed that if a regional lockdown restriction prohibits examination attendance, affected candidate(s) will be required to defer to 2022 without penalty.  All subject examinations will continue in other unaffected regions.

The release date for examination results is to be confirmed, however is expected to be Friday 9 July, 2021.

Our considerations for COVID-safe delivery of the 2021 examinations have addressed many scenarios relating to the challenges this global pandemic has presented and those that may be anticipated through this coming year.  The safety of candidates, examiners and all involved, and upholding the rigour and integrity of our Examination processes, have been forefront in all planning.