College achievements 2019 and future plans

In the past year the College has been working hard to set up a foundation for the strategic and sustainable growth of the organisation, with a key focus on working towards increasing Member engagement and improving our examination quality and processes.

Some of our key achievements for our Members this year include:

  • Deliver examinations for new Membership subjects, Membership in Veterinary Practice (Small Animal and Equine)
  • Fostered the development of and welcomed new Chapters and groups to the College – Pig and Production Medicine and the New Zealand Network
  • Enrolled our largest Membership Examination cohort to date
  • Deliver our annual scientific conference, Science Week, at a new venue with a record number of delegates, with new exciting initiatives
  • Conducted our first Member Convocation, providing a two-way forum for Members and Council to discuss important issues facing the veterinary profession
  • Digitally recorded selected Science Week presentations for Members to view at a later date

Members are the keystone of the College and this year we plan to begin setting up the necessary framework to help us better engage with our diverse range of Members through activities including:

  • Increasing face to face events
  • Building online communities
  • Facilitating better dialogue between Members, Chapters and Council
  • Improving the IT networks and systems across the College to improve Member connectivity

 Our commitment to improving examination quality and processes continues in 2020 with the following projects underway:

  • Continuing investigation of Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA) including future implementation of electronic delivery of examinations
  • Review and changes on how examinations are marked, including vertical marking
  • Review of how examinations are scheduled
  • Update of documentation and process of accreditation for institutions for Fellowship training programs