Remembering Dave Hanlon BVMS(Hons) MVSc PhD DACT (Part 2)

He was a loyal, and amazingly supportive person; a perfect mentor, colleague and friend. We both cannot remember how we met, but we have known each other since my move to Australia in 2001. He has encouraged me and supported my development despite living in another country. And, I am not the only one to benefit from his expertise and his personable nature. There are many more people that are better off both as professionals, and more importantly as people, for having known Dave. When discussing Dave’s impact with a colleague, we agreed that we can take comfort in that he leaves us a legacy.

He and Fiona agonised about becoming academics in Fort Collins; it was certainly the right move. As has been shown by the community support after the accident, and only having been in their new location for just over six months. He was a very likeable and respected human being. Unfortunately too many students’ will now miss out on his pragmatic, sensible, fun-loving and scientific approach to theriogenology.

Dave was taken from us on 20th January 2020 in a tragic fatal car accident in Wyoming while on a family holiday trip from their new home in Fort Collins Colorado. 

Rest in peace colleague, mentor, supporter, and most importantly good friend. There are many people missing you Dave, and we are going to continue to do so. To his family, please accept our condolences. May your sorrow and loss be compensated by knowing you were blessed to have known and loved a truly fantastic and humble person.

Allan Gunn