2021 in review

In 2021, we continued to navigate the challenges of COVID-19. All stakeholders involved in the College rallied once again to ensure examinations and events were delivered successfully.

Our efforts to deliver Science Week 2021 as an in-person event were abruptly halted in the final weeks of preparation as local and border restrictions were imposed. Although a disappointing outcome, Staff, Chapters and speakers had prepared for this possibility by prerecording as many sessions as possible and proceeded to deliver a successful online event. For 2022 we are once again planning for an in-person event at The Star on the Gold Coast where we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary.  

Examinations in 2021 needed to scale to a whole new level, as the number of examination candidates grew to 540 boosted with 200+ deferral candidates from 2020. In addition, local and international travel restrictions meant we needed to create a new way of delivering examinations that minimised mass gatherings and movement. After exploring many options, the decision was made to set up local examination sites where possible and tackle the logistics of physically printing, assigning, freighting and scanning all written exam papers for 2021. Oral examinations were delivered via video conference.

The support from hundreds of people involved in examinations as well as many organisations was extraordinary. It allowed us to deliver successful examinations across Australia, New Zealand and 18 other countries.

There have been many challenges in the last two years; however, resilience and commitment were never in short supply. With the support and assistance from our members, the College community found solutions to every obstacle placed in its path.

We have continued to progress many initiatives despite the impact of the pandemic, including:

  • Engaging external consultants to review ANZCVS examinations
  • Selecting an online platform to deliver written papers in 2022
  • Released online resource portals for individual Chapters, providing a collaboration and resource channel for their members and candidates

The outcomes and plans from these initiatives will continue to be realised for many years. They also provide essential steps in the evolution of our services to our community of members, volunteers and many stakeholders supporting the College.

Throughout this year, we were unwaivering in our resolve to provide all of our core services. An achievement that was made possible with the strength and support of a remarkable College community.