2018 Award Citations


Meritorious Service Award - Dr Sharanne Raidal

Dr Sharanne Raidal is a Fellow of the College in the discipline of Equine Medicine. She completed a residency and Masters in Equine Medicine and Surgery at the University of Queensland and a PhD at the University of Sydney in microbiology and respiratory immunology, investigating the role of physical factors in the development of pleuropneumonia in horses. Upon completion of her PhD, Sharanne worked in equine private and university practice in Perth for 7 years, before moving to Charles Stuart University in Wagga Wagga. Sharanne contributes to teaching in veterinary physiology, equine medicine and problem-based learning.

Dr Raidal has served on the Board of Examiners since 2012, most recently as the Assistant Chief Examiner (Examinations). During this time, Dr Raidal has made a dedicated contribution to the Examination Committee bringing significant expertise in educational theory as well as a substantial time commitment to the scrutiny and review of examinations across all disciplines. She has shown outstanding communication skills, easily conversing with examiners across all fields, to improve the quality of the final examinations.  She is renowned for her lateral thinking and problem-solving skills; her strong sense of fairness and balanced and calm demeanour.  Council commends Dr Raidal on her service to the Board of Examiners and to the College and takes great pleasure in awarding her with the Meritorious Service Award.


Meritorious Service Award - Dr Tias Muurlink

Dr Tias Muurlink is a Fellow of the ANZCVS in Equine Surgery. He completed his residency training at the University of Melbourne and has spent time working at the University of Queensland. In 2013 he established Warwick Equine Vets and has built a busy specialist equine surgery practice with a reputation as a dedicated and accomplished surgeon.

Dr Muurlink joined the Board of Examiners in 2011. He served on the Training and Credentials committee, becoming the Assistant Chief Examiner in 2013 and for the last three years has led the Board as the Chief Examiner, overseeing the construction, delivery and review of examinations across a wide range of subjects in Membership and Fellowship; leading examiner training initiatives and supporting policy development in the areas of Training and Examinations. Over the course of his leadership, the number of examination candidates has increased and the validity, fairness and transparency of the examination process has made significant and substantial progress. Dr Muurlink conceived and oversaw the College’s largest IT infrastructure project, the development of the Examination Results Recording System. Adopted in 2017, the ERRS allows for a vastly improved facility to not only record results but to provide appropriate feedback and data for analysis and feedback. Dr Muurlink has demonstrated the highest level of commitment to the College; dedicating time to communicate with individual College staff on a regular basis as contributing a significant time commitment in reviewing and validating examinations while balancing the demands of a busy professional life. He is renowned for his strong sense of fairness; his reliability, his considerate and inclusive nature and his dedication to the welfare of the College paid and volunteer workforce. The College and takes great pleasure in awarding him with the Meritorious Service Award.

Presidential Award - Dr Philip Moses

Early experiences as a veterinary student did not suggest that this individual would become a well-respected veterinary specialist; a role model for many young and aspiring veterinarians and a leader of our veterinary community.

Expelled from veterinary school for disruptive and inappropriate behaviour on half way day and an academic record in third year that suggested that attending lectures just interfered with rugby training and drinking beer; it seems that meeting his wife and long-standing life partner at veterinary school may have been his salvation; as, and I quote her “after we met, his marks went dramatically up and mine went down.” 

After graduating, eventually, from veterinary school in 1986, he spent a short time in large and mixed animal practice West of Dubbo and Central Coast, NSW respectively but after contracting Ross River meningitis, he undertook a more sensible pursuit of locum work in the UK where he completed his certificate in Small Animal Orthopaedics and the birth of the first of many children.

In 1996 he returned to Australia with two more children to complete a surgery residency under the supervision of Kim Smith. He subsequently sat his Fellowship examinations in Veterinary Surgery in 2003 apparently oblivious to the fact he was surrounded by textbooks in the AVA library.

From 2009, he served on Council and was the President from 2011 to 2014. He has made a substantial commitment to the College by example over this time period, with a strong thread of logic, pragmatism, fairness and prudence colouring his leadership style.

Those who know him will attest to his wit, generosity; hospitality, his strong moral and work ethic and his compassion for humanity and the animal kingdom. He is passionate about his family and being a veterinarian in every sense. He loves vintage Cadillac cars, brachycephalic dogs and a red rugby team that I think comes from Queensland. He is intolerant of prejudice, bigotry, exclusivity; laziness and any rugby team of a different persuasion.

It is impossible not to feel privileged to have him as both a colleague and close friend and tonight it gives me great pleasure to award the Presidential award for 2018 to Dr Philip Moses.